Built Ins

Just Basements now offers custom built ins as a stand alone project.

From Concept to Construction

Until now, Just Basements only offered our custom built ins, bars and cabinets to customers who were doing a complete basement renovation with our company. The demand for our style and design of cabinets has become so great that we are now willing to offer this a stand alone service for your main floors or basement.


What sets our cabinets apart?

Most built in cabinets these days are done by utilizing standard mass produced kitchen cabinets and filler pieces. This is a “make it work” approach and is relatively inflexible to accommodate a true custom built look. Our cabinets are designed and built specifically to fit perfectly into your space and house your television, bar fridge, audio equipment, etc without larges gaps and filler pieces to give a true built in look.


Our Approach and Process

We meet with you and look at where you are trying to incorporate a built in cabinet and what it is you are trying to incorporate into this space. We supply extensive design input to provide a clean custom look and provide solutions to common problems like hiding audio equipment and their wires. We provide you a price based on our discussions and will draft up a design for the cabinets once a deposit has been made towards attaining our services. We present you with the draft plan and with your approval we commence construction of your cabinets.


Our Look

Our prospective clients, have often mentioned that our cabinets are all very similiar in appearance. We definitely have “our” look but that “look” has largely been dictated by the taste preference of our clients and the fact that we know how to deliver that at a reasonable price point. Our cabinets are generally very “traditional” in appearance but that is not to say that is all we are capable of producing.

Generally the cabinets are built of durable MDF (medium density fibreboard) and finished in a durable hand painted finish. This approach allows the flexibility of changing the colour or look of you built in so that you are not married to a colour or finish that is no longer the current rage.


Portfolio of projects completed:

Blending old with new

  • Utilized antique stained glass into entry way
  • Blended audio and projection into antique type appearance cabinetry
  • Storage shelves for thousands of disks and computer stations